O.P.M. stands for "On Probation Mormons" which I like to think is a missionary take on "N.W.A." (Nigga's With Attitude). And what started out as a silly project (mix cd - made up of miscellanies recordings from two missionaries personal tapes) eventually turned into a sort of "missionary black market production company". as you can tell not many copies of these albums have been made. the reason is not only because we didn't want to get in trouble but also because we were doing it for ourselves and so we only needed copies for the people directly involved and maybe a few others and that's it. there are copies of these recordings that have been burnt and traded with other missionaries but nothing too big. (except I heard that 100 unmarked copies of the Rap CD have been made and passed out at BYU) I put these recordings up here now so you can hear the fun/insane things that me and other missionaries recorded over my two years in the "Oregon Portland Mission" and I hope you enjoy.

O.P.M. - "New Happy Endings"

RECORDED/RELEASED: June, 2008/July, 2008


FEATURING: Shaun Mayo, Ryan Avery, Hamani Hill and Skyler Tanner

NOTES: This album was recorded, mixed and "pressed" within a 6 week period of time in the apartment of Hill and Avery (and our friend Marvin). This is a great mix of funny songs, good songs, clever songs, awful songs and hippy jamz (which Mayo is definitely responsible for since he is a "granola") all songs were recorded on Avery's 4-Track and mixed/mastered by Paul Eagleston

01. New Happy Endings (Mayo, Avery, Hill, Tanner)
02. Didgeri-Don't (Mayo, Avery, Hill, Tanner)
03. Captive In The Stone (Hill)
04. Child Sacrifice (Mayo, Avery, Hill, Tanner)
05. Ode To Nutria (Mayo, Avery, Hill, Tanner)
06. Sanctified (Johnny Cash Cover) (Mayo, Avery, Hill, Tanner)
07. High Priests Quorum "Live" (Mayo, Tanner)
08. I Wish I Had Friends (Mayo, Hill, Tanner)
09. You Know It's True (Avery, Hill)
10. You'll Probably Hate This (Mayo, Avery, Hill, Tanner)
11. Is It Safe? (Mayo, Avery, Hill, Tanner)
12. Cerebral Palsy On Halsey (Mayo, Avery, Hill, Tanner)
13. FACE (Makkorop) (Mayo, Avery, Hill, Tanner)
14. Back Home We Were Kings (Mayo, Avery, Hill, Tanner)
15. - (Mayo, Avery, Hill, Tanner)
16. Every Mission Has... (Mayo, Avery, Hill, Tanner)
17. *BONUS TRACK* AP Apostasy (Mayo, Avery, Hill)

O.P.M. - "Woodburn Double Feature"

RECORDED/RELEASED: November, 2007/December, 2007


FEATURING: Ryan Avery, Spencer Hawks, Legrand Scanlin and Adam Coombs

NOTES: What started out as a Christmas album project for "our moms" eventually turned into 2 albums of fun. One is just silly songs we wrote and the other is all Christmas related. All songs were recorded on Avery's 4-Track and mixed/mastered by Paul Eagleston

01. Samoan National Anthem (Scanlin)
02. Heartbreaker (Hawkes)
03. Spanish Song (Hawkes)
04. Hawkes (Hawkes)
05. Busca La Luz (Avery, Hawkes, Scanlin)
06. Ryan Morrisette (Alanis Morrisette Cover) (Avery)
07. Astronaut (Avery, Hawkes, Scanlin)
08. Sith Lord Love (Avery, Hawkes, Scanlin, Coombs)

01. Oh Come All Ye Faithful (Hawkes, Scanlin)
02. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (Hawkes, Scanlin)
03. Joy To The World (Hawkes, Scanlin)
04. The First Noel (Hawkes, Coombs)
05. Prayer Of The Children (Coombs)
06. 12 Days Of Christmas On The Mission (Avery, Hawkes, Scanlin, Coombs)
07. Feliz Navidad! (Avery, Hawkes, Scanlin)

O.P.M. - "4 tracks on a 4-track"

RECORDED/RELEASED: September, 2007/October, 2008


FEATURING: Ryan Avery and Russell Reed

NOTES: These are the first experiments with 4-track. All songs are unreleased and have only really been heard by the artists who made them... until now. All songs were recorded on Avery's 4-Track and mixed/mastered by Paul Eagleston

01. Earn Your Stripes (Avery, Reed)
02. Humble Way (from the film Saturday's Warrior) (Avery, Reed)
03. A Whole New World (from the film Aladdin) (Reed)
04. Mouth Jam (Avery)

O.P.M. - "I am Kevin bacon"

RECORDED/RELEASED: May-June, 2007/August, 2007


FEATURING: Chesley Lewis, Cade Robertson, Shaun Mayo, Ryan Avery, Garret Gubler and Jesse Joseph

NOTES: Tracks 1-12 were recorded live @Mayo's birthday celebration @Dabney Park on June 14th, 2007. Track 13 was sung to Avery one night over the phone because he couldn't get to sleep. Track 14 was recorded on May 23rd, 2007 @Changs Mongolian BBQ for a performance art tape Avery was making for Space 55 Theaters "7 Minutes in Heaven". The story was too long for the performance so it is featured here on this fantastic compilation. All Songs were Recorded on Avery's handheld tape recorder.

01. Mayo Is Gay
02. Special Ed (Stephan Lynch Cover)
03. Breakfast At Tiffany's (Deep Blue Something Cover)
04. We're Going To Be Friends (Jack Johnson Cover)

05. Hagoth (featuring Jesse Joseph)

06. Shawn Bardwell
07. Letters, Pictures and Packages

08. Pre-Performance Rant
09. Bambi Jam (Night Wolf Cover)
10. Faith Florescent (Aurora Borealis Cover)
11. I'm Excited In The Lord (Kids Of The Kingdom Cover)
12. Hello, Goodnight (Aquabats Cover)

13. Late Night Lullaby
14. Skunk Punching

15. 740 CRB (Avery, Gubler)
16. AP Apostasy (Mayo, Avery)

O.P.M. - "avery+mayo tape"

RECORDED/RELEASED: May, 2007-August, 2007/August, 2007


FEATURING: Shaun Mayo, Ryan Avery, Garret Gubler and Jesse Joseph

NOTES: Songs 01-27 were recorded on May 19th, 2007 during a Mayo+Avery sleepover. All songs are first take improv songs done in a very "Night Wolf" style and most of them will probably never see the light of day outside of the few copies that are in the possession of the artists involved and the few tracks available here. Tracks 28-29 were recorded on June 25th, 2007 in Avery+Gubler's apartment after lunch. These tracks also feature the lovely voices of Gubler and Joseph. Track 30 was recorded on August 8th, 2007 and left on Mayo's answering machine. Also this is the first album to ever feature "Makkorop" which is a new genre started by Mayo and his friends in Idaho. It involves only mouths but isn't "skat-ing" and is way cooler than "beat boxing". All Songs were Recorded on Avery's handheld tape recorder.

01. Mr. Rogers
02. Golf Song
03. Fire Sprinkler
04. Offensive Song
05. Estacada
06. MAYO It's My Name (Mayo)
07. Lava Lava (Mayo)
08. Ultimate!
09. Set Goals (Mayo)
10. Go To Sleep
11. My Knees Hurt
12. Spelling Poems (Mayo)
13. My Imagination Poem (Avery)
14. Makkorop
15. Avery Melody (Mayo)
16. Mayo Melody
17. Kool Keith (Booty Master) (Avery)
18. Skatin' To The Ska Song
19. The Man On The Bridge
20. Why Am I Listening To This?
21. 3 Weeks in Disneyland
22. What The Fart?
23. Questions and Answers About Astronomy
24. Watermelon Stomachs
25. Roses Are Overrated
26. Last Kiss
27. Short Makkorop Solo (Mayo)
28. Double Punch Mondays
29. Laughing
30. Earn Your Stripes! (Avery)

O.P.M. - "rap cd rhapsody"

RECORDED/RELEASED: November, 2007-January, 2007/January, 2007


FEATURING: Pres. Gessel, E. Larson, E. Baker, E. Saunders, Sis. Ott, E. Spain, E. Nicholes, E. Clark, E. Beck, E. Avery, E. Diamond, E. Bodin and Shawn Bardwell

NOTES: This is the first of the O.P.M. recordings. It was made during the first two "transfers" that Elder Nicholes and Elder Avery served together. The two missionaries decided to make the CD to celebrate them serving together and being the best companionship the world has ever known... it includes a handful of songs and a ton of answering machine messages and other things recorded off of peoples phones. They made 50 copies and passed 35 of them out at a "transfer meeting" and gave copies to a bunch of missionaries and the mission president. Within 3 days of the album being "released" it was "banned" from the mission. President asked for all copies to be returned to him or destroyed (he got a total of 8 back.) Because of all the "controversy" the CD started many rumors were created including one stating that we went to a recording studio and spent our monthly allotment to have this album put out. Also one that President Gessel threatened to send us home. And I would like to make the record clear right here that both of those statements are nothing more than just rumors.

01. Opening - Presidents Thoughts on Rap
02. OPM Mission Rap (Nicholes, Avery)
03. Introduction
04. Doctrine and Covenants Song (Nicholes, Avery, Beck)
05. "Not Gunna get THIS Car"
06. Fat Chick (Nicholes)
07. Virgin Legs
08. Answering Machine Rap  (Nicholes, Avery)
09. I Hope... (Nicholes, Avery)
10. "Threw Off My Groove" (Nicholes, Avery, Beck)
11. Answering Machine - Larson
12. Orange Juice
13. Answering Machine - Baker
14. I Am The Baker  (Nicholes, Avery, Beck)
15. Answering Machine - Baker...again...
16. ...What The Crap?!
17. Answering Machine Greeting - Saunders
18. Ice Ice Baby!!!  (Nicholes, Avery, Beck)
19. Answering Machine - Sis. Ott
20. Nicholes vs. Clark
21. Answering Machine - Spain
22. "Do You Know Who You're Messing With?"
23. Last Christmas  (Nicholes, Avery)
24. All I Want For Christmas is You  (Nicholes, Avery)
25. Shawn
26. OPM Mission Rap (REMIX) (Nicholes, Avery, Beck)
27. Doctrine and Covenants Jam (Nicholes, Avery, Beck)